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Ocean Activities- Wave Bottle

June 7, 2009

The kids in the Discovery Tree Art & Story class enjoyed a great week of fun activities and art projects.   Here’s one quick and easy art idea you can do at home.

Ocean Wave Bottle:  Toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids will love making this wave bottle.  They will enjoy making the blue waves rock gently back and forth.

You need:  an empty plastic water bottle with lid, oil, water, liquid blue food coloring, and superglue (optional, to keep child from opening the bottle).

Fill the bottle about half full of water, then add oil to the top.  We used vegetable oil, you could also use baby oil.  Let your child drop in some blue food coloring- at least 5 or 6 drops.   Be sure to watch as the blue drops slowly drift through the oil.  Put a small amount of superglue around the rim, and tightly fasten the cap.    Let your child shake the bottle gently to disperse the coloring.  

The clear oil will create a layer on top of the blue water and will create waves when gently rocked.   If the bottle is shaken vigorously the oil and water will temporarily combine, but will separate again.

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