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Our Time (18 mon-3 yrs) Fiddle Dee Dee – Weeks 1-3

February 22, 2009

We’re on our third week of Fiddle Dee Dee and enjoying our animal themes!

Your home is likely to be filled with more active dog play  –“Roll over, Rover!” Children love to move–and there’s a reason for this.  According to creative dance expert Anne Green Gilbert, “Movement is key to learning! Our brains fully develop through movement activities such as crawling, rolling, turning, walking, skipping, reaching, swinging and much more!  The brain has a plan for development that involves specific and intensive motor activities to make full use of our complicated nervous system.”* And when movement is paired with rhythmic and musical concepts, the learning is even stronger. 

Music concepts may be effectively introduced to the Our Time-aged child through fun and playful activities. The concept of tempo (or speed) is central to music. The 1½- to 3-year-old child is learning to control and coordinate his body’s movements and is naturally interested in the concepts of fast and slow. Mastering these concepts through activities such as bouncing, playing instruments, and dancing is fun and satisfying for the child.


In class we will continue to focus on tempo for two more weeks. At home, you can have fun reinforcing this concept through further repetition of fast and slow activities such as Roly Poly. Also, “at home” Kindermusik play will help familiarize your child with the routines of Kindermusik class, thus helping him become more and more at ease in the classroom environment.  



*“Movement and Music:  The Keys to Learning,” by Anne Green Gilbert


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